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More Media. More Traffic

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Real Estate Lead Generation

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After we've created our content, We Move on To Creating our Ad Campaigns

First, we start by creating the highest attention-grabbing Media!

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After we write the ad, we will be testing multiple variations up to 150 per hour.

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The leads generated will need a home, so we partner our clients with a mobile CRM tool to Remind you to follow up, help you follow up and close more deals.

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  • Having your leads all in one place will make it easier on you to manage your contacts.

  • Having pre-written templates to send out in one click.

  • Being reminded consistently to follow up will boost your close ratio.

After leads are being generated, it's time to scale up, maintain and test for better cost per lead consistently.

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We make our cool-aide and we drink it as well... Generating our own leads and closing deals using Facebook ads.

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