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How To Find Your Dream Customers.

22/11/2017 06:15:14

Alias Y.

Your Dream Customers 



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In this blog, you will discover who your dream clients are and then find out where they are. Usually, my clients can figure out pretty quickly who they want to sell to, but they get stuck figuring out where those dream clients are and how to get them to visit their websites.


The purpose of getting people to come to your website is called "Driving Traffic." I've learned from top traffic and online business experts like Richard Branson, Grant Cardon, GaryVee Etc.


So When I talk about "Traffics" or Media Traffics in general, I'm Talking about the people you are convincing(through an advertisement) to visit your website. Some of our clients whom only have a website with us always ask me how to attract more traffic to their websites, but before we can address how to get those people, you have to understand the concept of "congregations."


When I say congregation what's the first thing that comes to your head? For most people, this word brings to mind a church. A Church is really nothing more than a group of people gather together based on similar beliefs, values, and ideas. For example, each week, the Baptists all congregate together based on their similar beliefs and values. The Catholics also congregate together and so do the Mormons, seven Day Adventists, Muslims, and Jews... Right?


So, If I was selling a perfect product for Mormons, where would I go to sell it? Of course, I would go to the Mormon Church. My dream customers would be right there congregated together. All I'd have to do is put my message out in front of them. 


My Point is not to teach you to how to sell stuff to churches. I want you to understand the power of congregation because it's one of the main reasons the internet is such an amazing tool for businesses.


Prior to the internet, It was hard for people around the world to congregate together. We were limited by location and ability to communicate. But now it's possible for anyone and everyone to congregate together and discuss almost anything with groups of people who hold similar beliefs.


There are congregations for everything you can dream up, from antique buyers to zipper collectors. Once you understand the core concept of where congregations are? Just go to Google and type in your keywords plus the word forum or search for groups related to your keywords on Facebook.


Now, there are three questions You have to Ask yourself to find and really rap into these congregations.




When I ask that question, people tend to answer with straight demographics like, "My target market is women for ages 36-50 who make fifty thousand dollars a year." For a very long time, straight demographics like that were pretty much the only way to separate the people you wanted to target from the rest of humanity. Traditional media catered to certain demographics through its programming and sold advertising along those lines. If you want to reach well-off, intellectual men, you might advertise on the late night news or in the new york times. 


If you wanted to reach housewives, you might advertise during a soap opera in the middle of the day. Unfortunately, straight demographics don't give you any of the juicy information about the individual. In the old days. the best you could do was group people in the general terms, according to yo age, gender, income, and geographical location. The internet has changed all that. Today You can get as granular as you want to with the data available. You can segment people based on musical taste, medical background, and show size. If you like, you can even group according to the movies they watched last month of the websites they visited yesterday.




Remember your target market is made up of real people, so you need to look at their real behavior. Where do they hang out online? Where Do they spend their time? What email newsletters might they subscribe to? Are They even on Facebook or they prefer Instagram? What keyword are they searching for on google? What books are they buying on amazon? Answering these questions can take some time and research, but it's worth taking as much time as needed to develop this data needed to dominate your market.



I like to think of the internet as a huge mountain, and your ideal customer, your traffic is gold inside that mountain. Your job as a marketer is to find the gold and mine it out. When you start mining, you're just digging around, poking and prodding, trying to find where the gold is. You know there's gold in the mountain somewhere, but you're not sure where. So You're looking around, trying this area and that area, and all of the sudden, you might dig up a few nuggets. 


Typically, gold clumps together in a vein running through the mountain (like a congregation). So when you find a little bit of gold, you can dig deeper and find more. You'll soon see that the vein runs deep into the mountain. If you keep following the vein you can mine all the gold.




If I'm in the middle of a wrestling debate on TheMat.com, It's going to take something special to get me to leave that site and go look at something else. At this point, you have to figure out what offering is special enough to entice a wrestling fan away from his favorite site. How can you divert attention away from what your prospect is currently doing? I call this process the Enquirer Interrupt. 


 Curiosity: Your Ads must be able to grab people's attention if you want them to click over to your site.


Did you know that 'The international Enquirer' is one of the most read newspapers in the world? They place their publication in one of the busiest spots on earth: The checkout stand. People only have a split to three-word headlines that will stop almost anyone in their tracks. The magazine is an undisputed master at interrupting your brain patterns and making you notice.


Your job online is almost the same. You are trying to engage someone who is already checking email, facebook and his cell phone at the exact same time. You have to interrupt potential customers long enough for them to click on your ad and visit your website.


In Conclusion, as the digital marketer for Media Traffic LLC, one of my primary jobs is to identify where the veins of gold are located. This task is not for the person buying the ads, optimizing the ads, or picking the keywords, etc. That's like expecting a building contractor to know how to pour the foundation, frame the house put up the sheet rack, and run the electricity. 


A contractor does not need o know how to do all of those things, it would take ten times longer to get the job done. Instead, he understands the pieces that need to be in place to build a house, and then he hires the electrician to do the wiring and the sheetrock guy to put up the sheetrock. 


Now if you think you can not do this internet marketing on your own, you can always hire a team such as the Media Traffics Team to do that for you. As explained in this webinar , MT can help you gain more exposure online and get more of your dream customers.