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Hacking Culture and Creating a Brand

23/11/2017 10:02:19

Alias Y.



Hacking Culture and Creating a Brand.





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When I say "hacking Culture" in the title, I don't mean scamming people for attention so they can see your product. As I'm watching GaryVee this morning I learned that in order for anyone to be successful, you need to find your way into your congregation where your clients hang out.


For example, GaryVee is interviewing Nippsy Hustle in this video . I admire both of these guys and their success in life so far, so anything they had to say I know is something that can help me, my business and my clients as well.


GaryVee brought up a really important topic in this conversation which was consistency in your content. Someone can wake up tomorrow morning and decide to push content for 365 days. Now, out of all these days of posting, this person could gather so much data to improve and might even blow up in one of the pieces of content.


They also mention how to get underpriced attention to your business, because lower cost on advertising will give you the higher return on investment. For example, getting Nippsy Hustle new song on a famous vlog can actually blow up the song and make it famous.


Some people may come at me and say "well if it's bad content it won't go viral/popular at all." 


That's True, which is why you need to commit to providing good content, doesn't have to be the best but it has to be good. It could be the best to someone hearing it or seeing it for the first time.


The whole moral of this video by GaryVee is hard work, provide content, get in the era where your dream clients are, and just keep on hustling and going forward.