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How To Generate Real Estate Leads Using Facebook Ads

Internet Marketer, Realtor, Yousif Alias

After working in the marketing industry for many years I decided to test my skills in the Real Estate World and get my license. 

Now Closing deals and helping other agents crushing it!

By Yousif Alias 


Along time ago, Real Estate had to go outside in the heat, and cold to prospect and gain leads to sell houses too.

Then came Zillow, realtor.com and so on. Agents took advantage in the first stages of these companies and many agents thrived off their leads. 

As demand went up, these companies started 'shared leads' programs that I personally tried for $550 a month, freakin rediculous.  They over-promised me so many results and all I got was shared, unmotivated buyers. 

The Worst Part!

The worst part is that these companies hold you to a long term contract as far as a year. 

What in the hell...

I was losing patience, so I called my bank and had to cancel their payments  and reached out to higher management to cancel.

But everything happens for a reason after this happened I had to figure out a way to create ads that will be Affordable, Only mine and also convertible!

The Turning Point

My real estate business was dead after I stopped all my high costly lead generation contracts that took me nowhere. 

Then I started running Facebook lead generation ads. 

At first, I was testing 5-10 ads a day just to see what will I get. I was getting $15 leads and they were okay! 

Then I learned to test 50 ads a day and getting cheaper leads the next day I was testing 100 ads a day and got my lead cost down to $6-10.

The Number just kept going up from there... 

and the leads were really responsive!

My strategy is very simple and I'm gonna reveal it here right now. Let's jump right in...

Just Make Content

I don't give a shit if your shy, nervous or not comfortable in front of the camera.

You can still make image content, video stock, and other ways. If you have trouble just let us know at Media Traffics.

Video Size: We're going to create ads for cellphones so you will want your video to be horizontal. See an example here.​​​​​​​

Use Content To Create Lead Generation Ads

The best platform to do this at is facebook hands down, It works for me an all my clients combined. and here is why:

Facebook has a date of newlywed, people's education level, age, and so many other targeting options.

Facebook also lets us retarget everyone engaging with our ads.

So Right about now, you're probably like how the hell do I make a facebook ad like this to generate leads. 

Hang tight, let me explain in this video below because I've found that people learn better with videos!

Video: How to Create a Facebook lead Generation Campaign

So What next? 

You can take all this information, run with it and make your own ads.

Or if this sounds completely out of your understanding then we would love to help you out here at Media Traffics LLC. 


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