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20/11/2017 11:37:49

Yousif Alias

So how do you become one of the best in your field, one of the masters? The very first step and the most important one is to commit all the way.


To Devote oneself completely to something. This inescapable truth is that to be truly great at everything, you must devote yourself completely. If you are a career salesperson, you have to devote yourself, your energy, and your resources to a career in selling. If you aren't a career salesperson, you'd better get it to the core that your success still depends on this skill, and then you'd better learn it.


 You have to convince yourself that this is the thing you have to learn in order to get your way in life and that is where you are going to make your riches.



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How Does a Person Commit?


What I do is eliminate any and all other options and devote myself to learning everything I can about the topic. I become a fanatic, 100 percent crazy about it, all in! I stop questioning and get in all the way. Furthermore, I discontinue looking at other options.


Committing is simple as picking a place to park your car. Find a spot, pull in, and get out of the car. You don't keep looking for another space in which to park. Commit and done with it. Committing is when you make a firm decision, you quit wondering, and then you follow through on your commitment to actions.


Once you've fully committed to a partner in life, it's good advice to quit looking for a new partner. You take what you have and make everything you can out of it. Can you find someone prettier, smarter, and happier? probably, but that's not committing. Committing means you are in all the way, you are done looking, and you make the person you have committed to the prettiest, the smartest, and the happiest. I would rather commit to the wrong thing all the way than committing to the right thing only half way. 


Commit and be done.