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12 TOP Marketing Strategies To Get More Clients.

San Diego, Mathew Smith 

Matt is a top clients relations and marketing executive here at MediaTraffics, with the experience and technical strategies Matt has. We've made a lot of our clients happy.

By Mathew Smith


Business marketing has been changing over the decades but this decade is different than any other, With the internet taking over along with social media. Almost 91% of small business owners have reported that they use social media to grow their businesses.

Others argue about using SEO to grow their business, which means they rely on organic search engine optimization to get leads, calls, and opt-ins.

Below are ways you can implement your business today in order to drive more clients to your business.

1. Amazing Mobile Friendly Website

Having a great website is very ceritical to your online presence. Media Traffics has always started new websites for their clients even if they have an old one.

We've discovred ingenious ways to optimize your site so it could get the most exposure and get people to take action.

2. Submit Your Website To Search Engines 

In order to show up where people search, you have to be where people are searching. Other than the mainstream search engines like Google, Yahoo, and bing. You should also consider submitting your website to many more search engines.

There are a plethora of search engines on the world wide web, it's insane. By Submitting your website to these search engines it might take some time and effort. It is only because each search engine has to verify that you're the owner of the website.

Lastly, if you want to save time you can pick a third party company to do that on your behalf like Media Traffics, text and many more marketing companies.

3. Citation Submition 

When people are shopping for certain services, sometimes they go through a citation website to check for your reputation. Reputation sites like yellow pages and yelp are very critical sites to be on but again there is much more than you should be aware of.

Choose sites with high ranking and really a cite that has authority so when you create a backlink it should be strong and working...

To submit your citation on multiple sites you can use a service provider or do it manually. 

4. SEO Optimization / Backlinks

When it comes to SEO Optimization, you will have to understand that you're playing a game that other websites have been playing for the past 5-20 years. 

In order to rank in google, you will have to have the right keywords that you want to rank for along with the right fonts and the right pages. At media traffics we like to create separate pages for sub cities and subtopics.

When doing that it allows you to have less competition in your area or niche when using specific pages for specific service or location.

5. Social Media Management 

There are almost 3.3 billion active social media users according to Brandwatch study made a few months ago. What does that tell you?

Well, it tells me that I need to have my business, my clients' business on social media. We also take advantage of social media paid ads which have allowed us to generate great results for our clients.

I'm gonna touch on that later on in this article, keep reading.


Click here to view this Social Media Ad Case Study.

6. Post Activitly and Continuously 

Just because you made some social media accounts, it does not mean that people will automatically see you. 

You will have to create meaningful and high-quality content that will catch the eyes. Some people have a weak spot when it comes to creating content. Media Traffics most wanted service is content marketing for the past year.

7. Content Marketing

Instead of advertising, you become your own publisher of powerful writing, pictures and video, all with the purpose of attracting and maintaining a loyal following who will hopefully buy your products or services someday.

It sounds easy, but there is a lot of competition  for people's attention, so unless you are creating truly interesting and engaging content for people who actually want or need your offering, you're simply wasting time and effort.

Paid Online Ads Are The Most Important Part of Social Media Management/Marketing.

8. Facebook Ads

Advertising has changed in the past few years, the cost of attention has dropped due to social media. Facebook TM ads are a great example of that and if used right, you can get high ROI.

9. Influencer Marketing 

Influence marketing has been around for as far as you can think. When a person who has an influence on people they can literally get them to buy anything. 

You want to find influencers that relate to your product and pay them to advertise for you. 

10. Blog Posts 

People don't read the newspapers anymore, and I think a lot of people will agree with me on that. People read blogs on their phones because its easier, faster and more convenient. 

So when you're creating blogs, in today's world you're creating and publishing your own newspaper. Perfect it and let the world read your ideas. 

11. Podcast 

According to top performers and influencers, the voice is the next big thing after blogs.  Normal people can now have their on radio channel if they wanted. In the Lion Start-Up Podcats, we started to teach people how to manage their startup companies.

​​​​​​​Doing that has allowed us to network, meet and acquire new clients. we did that by providing value through voice, even though that voice was extracted from a youtube Lion Start-Up Episode.

12. Cold Calling/Cold Texting

Cold Calling is the core of turning cold leads into warm leads for FREE. If all the marketing strategies that I've mentioned in the past did not work for some reason.

You can always refer back to Cold calling strategies that can get you some warm leads. People sometimes feel the need to talk to someone helpful and nice on the phone. 

So the way of your call has to come out a nicely un-scripted call to try and help your client with their pain point.

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